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Acting Classes

A certain discipline is required in everything you do, no matter if its dancing, cooking, writing, sports, music, there is a certain discipline required. As much as each discipline differs a lot from each other, they all have some things in common – one of which is the goal to do it right and not take it for granted.  This is a very important thing for acting as you will learn from any actor or acting classes.   since, when learning acting, everything should be taken account.

Here are a few important things in acting that you need to have discipline in:

  1. Respect.

Respect goes a long way. Being punctual means you respect other’s time. It greatly prevents delays and problems on schedules. It promotes order on your work flow with your team.


Respect for others’ abilities is also important. Offering to help a hard-up collegue instead of just criticizing would help in the development of your project and will create a better working environment for you and your workmates.


It is also important that you respect your superiors. Simply understanding instructions and doing it fine shows that you respect them enough to listen. However, if you don’t agree with something, saying it politely won’t hurt you and would lead them to listen better to you.


The best thing about respecting others is that it leads them to respect you back which creates harmony to the group. That’s a working environment most suitable to work in.


  1. Practice.

It’s not enough that you’ve gone through acting classes. It’s not enough to read the lines a hundred times and memorize it. You always need to practice even before rehearsals or going to the set. Even the best actors always practice their scences in advance. Improvisation is supposed to be an additive and not the main ingredient in acting.


  1. Ask for help.

Whether if you came from a prestigious acting school or you never took any acting classes at all, it won’t hurt to admit you’re hard up. Acting can never be done alone. It’s done with other people. If you find something hard, you may ask for other’s help. You are a team to start with.


  1. Talk with your coworkers.

Acting is a team-based form of art. You’ll always have to work with other people. You never act alone. Acting with strangers should be awkward. Try to connect with your co-actors and also the staff even if you’re not on the set. It’s a great advantage if you’re comfortable with people you’re working with.


  1. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to have fun. When you were asked for commitment, it didn’t mean you have to take it too serious. People are best at what they do when they are having fun. Goofing around or a good humor once in a while is actually a good thing. It doesn’t mean you’re not serious, it actually means  you’re enjoying it.

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